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Who is diahann carroll dating

When Adam put that laid based wall paint in Jeff's office which turned him into a crazy mess she sided with her newly found son Adam.

So then she took on the role of a woman from the other side of the tracks who marries into a wealthy oil family and has to deal with their hostility and wariness. They just played these characters in the same situations over and over again.

But I agree she had no spark with the two Fallons, the two Amandas, or Adam.

Interestingly, she did have a spark with Heather Locklear -- which is when Sammy Jo became really interesting.

Linda Evans and Pamela Sue Martin were both incredibly likable on screen, but they were both very stiff and awkward.

the first Steven, Al Corley, was decent, and I always give Gordon Thomson credit for at least trying to do something with his campy part (and he was very handsome besides).

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Dominique is singing and Jeff walks into the room, we get a flashback of him and Fallon and when the camera comes back to Jeff, he has these two, huge fake glycerin tears running down his face.[quote]Alexis is so camp and even though they always say it, there's never any real indication that Alexis loves her children.