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So while 80% of the candle is vegetable wax, 20% is paraffin. We use a refined, food-grade paraffin, one that’s been deemed safe for use by the FDA.Think of The Wanderer as a vessel, about twice as big as a tube of lip balm. To fill it, you’ll need a regular-sized bottle of fragrance.This keeps the spent wick from falling into the wax, which in turn will blacken the vessel (and make a weird hissing sound).It also prevents an overlong (and potentially hazardous) flame. While we try to limit our use of this petroleum byproduct, we balanced our desire to have a great-burning candle with our environmental concerns.While better for the environment, the paint also protects the actual fragrance from sunlight, which means we don’t use dyes or stabilizers like most fragrance companies.They’re a blend of 80% vegetable wax (85% soy, 10% coconut, 5% cottonseed) and 20% refined paraffin.On the off-chance you’re anything less than delighted with your gift, we will work with you until you are. If not—or if you just want to give them a gift with a personalized card, expert guidance, and a plentitude of fragrance (including samples to ensure everything goes just right)—give them one of our gift experiences. Please note however that in the case of The Gift Experience, we can only offer a refund before we ship your gift recipient’s virtual or physical card.

Just pick out three scents and add them to your Sample Set, which we’ll send right to your door for . And if you’re really stuck, always feel free to contact us at [email protected] 888-771-9434. Any more and you’d just be in a cloud of confusion (and fragrance). After you’ve ordered a Sample Set, your account will have a credit toward a full-sized bottle available for 30 days.

This will prevent tunneling, help your candle burn evenly and ensure you get the full burn time from your candle.

Before that first burn (and before all that follow), trim the wick to roughly 1/4” inch.

We’ve been certified as cruelty free by Leaping Bunny, the world’s leading authority on cruelty free products.

In fact, our materials are never sourced from threatened or endangered plant species or ecosystems.

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(We’d love it if you used one of ours, but strictly speaking, you don’t have to.) Take off your fragrance bottle’s cap, then remove what’s called the “spray head” by pinching the very top (and only the very top) of the nozzle and pulling.

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