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Under the radar dating

— — you don’t have to take every movie so seriously.Sometimes it’s nice just to kick back and watch an affable coming-of-middle-age tale about an electrical engineer (John Turturro) whose unlikely friendship with an off-the-grid hippie (Sam Rockwell) finally gets him to loosen up. music label Factory Records that delves into the cost effectiveness of using four-color printing on a 12-inch single sleeve would not be all that interesting or funny. The musical scenes have an energy that just about singes the screen. As Sutcliffe, Stephen Dorff shows you what a tough, sly actor he was in his raw-boned youth, and Ian Hart is a revelation as John Lennon, whose punk rage may have led, inadvertantly, to Sutcliffe’s death.

Cayce prophesied that this Hall of Records would be rediscovered and opened between 19.

The movie is a vast and fascinating essay-mosaic about how the inventor of modern PR, Edward Bernays, drew on the theories of his uncle Sigmund Freud to create a new kind of human being — not a rational citizen but an irrational consumer, ruled by unconscious appetites.

It reveals how ”individuality” has become the ultimate conformist desire.

That she has terrific chemistry with Poupaud makes the deal that much sweeter.

—Parker Posey has built a career on playing high-strung, hard-edged characters.

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His message — and it’s a visionary one — is that even in our relatively enlightened era, the racist images that have defined America are still very much alive, encoded in the DNA of our pop culture, with its fetishization of African-American ”otherness.” In Spike Lee’s most misunderstood film is a scandalous satire about a self-loathing black TV writer (Damon Wayans) who creates a modern variety/minstrel show.