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Related dating ru 2flirt co il

As the delegates entei the room, formal intro- ductions are dismissed in favor of smiles, friendly embraces, and reminiscences- All these men and women, it (urns out, had studied together at the International Space University (ISU) 20 years earlier. The group had undergone a rigorous selection process and represented the very best from 1 heir respective nations, based on their leader- ship ah lit tes, academic achievements.

and dedication to space exploration and devel Optnem.

the priceless telescope Nome penpilr vat a Queslar Iclrscupc is i - % pcn^i ^ l-; inhcr-. rtne costs, wilh i a mudt-si pnifll added Wf ihink it h a price that I lie serious as mummer is wiki nil Ihj piis lnr the Finest i pis iru mint he fan «»n. Nl-w Hope, i f -\ t R9JB Q\ 5 i *62-5277 16 Voyager's Delude of Wonder H'iftiam I. since Voyager 2 fiew by Jupiter, and keeping this old-timer operating for so long hasn't been easy. 31 Building the Hubbk Space Telescope C, Robert O'Detf An insider's candid view of how NASA and- private industry produced the ultra precise optics for the long-awaited orbiting observatory.

'4 h u I ils price i* a fair one, Pastil on ■ i li r iti anu facts! Astronomers shared the turbulent times — and lose their heads — during the French Resolution. Miner Years of planning and anltdpacion for Voyager 2's final planetary encounter will culminate in August, when the hardy spacecraft Visits Neptune. Sirmoit On Starch 22nd it came closer than any minor planet or comet in history.

ISU invites visionary men and women from around Ihe world to jnm.

in this exciting azttl awarding, effort, leading to the eventual fulfillment of our goal of establishing a permanent campus wiih a year-round program.

E he initial cost of a pat ecu, as high as S5, OOG. CJ i leta s Cwp/uf arts; Run Arruda, Charles I Batter ISfustratton. vii Photography: Dennis Mil on Proofreading: t aria M. Mi- crof-trm f-diitita \ frurn 1 WI I arid seiogrjplik s Ofivs. or 1 he .n Lcrnal re pwrmnj J use of sprsi Tic clienls as granted for usets rcgisie Tfd *irh the- C-Opyrigh’. ^rftmnwnii n-fl-J .-l.crrrr- phjan Sfvalkts Indrit. Amateur astronomy as a hobby is expensive enough already we don** need hidden charges when wc buy new equipment, ROCKY L. for example, in a 1981 paper in the Journal of the British Interplanetary Soci- ety we considered Ehe interaction of a Jovian planet with the swollen atmosphere and intense wind of a star during its red-giant stage.

Mark Matosstnn ofthe United States says, ''This has been r he most important educa- tional experience of my life. have I been asked to push myself as far and as fast as 1 did at ISU.” .

"I rnju) ssnrkiny near (he theoretical limits of nn (Juc Mar, and- rrcenlis a mnnnievs, dn and «mpii ski alfnrdrd an nppitriunih in seek mil some Fain! I wo degrees of drclmatiun areas is Ihe 1 Z I h in a uni I uric plant I an Mil I.5IH, which appeared as a disc seen tied a I turners From AO hr I . I fuintrt ii again Ihe Following weekend (its pile humid atmosphere and ihr presence of a J-das old mo mi in like w«t. Rittnfutm \ jjhes f2tli mugniludf for this ripen duster, hue ns liriiliance in Ihe ljutsiar would indicate that ir is prntrahls hri Khier thnn lllh “llie musl difficull Ikhjett | hasr ubsersrd so far is Mi( Ui S. GLF-ANJNGS FOR ATMN No shortage of power for your telescope 24 IMAGES I coding back 20 years to Apollo II 5 LETTERS 1 NEW S VOTES HMS OBSERVER’S PAGE!

Waiting for the year\ beii comet 59 RAMBLING THROUGH THE SKIES A talc from ihe Orient 58 SOUTHERN STARS S7 $& T TEST REPORT Guiding off axis or on CWr: It was 2» years a B ti r hi c July 2ftlh ihai ewo American astronauts dimbed From (he 141'iiuf mu Julc Eagle to become ihe first people to set tool on anaiher world Edwin “Huff" Al drill, who eased down the lun-w module's ladder l« minutes j ILet Neil Armstrong, mapped this photograph of hit spacesmt boot and the dusty surface ihat took fcsotpf LFLt-. While it is not crrlam wheo humans will return n ihc Moon, those first footprints will be waiting when they do, According to a reecni estimate, the prints will endure ai least a hair-million years.

Accordingly, both stu- dents and faculty arc recruited globally.

In 19831 we had sttxtems from all mem- bers of the “space club” as well as from many other nations.

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