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Radgrid sqldatasource not updating

Here's what I'm starting with code-wise (MSSQL): So, in the gridview controll, during an update, the person is able to type in their Role Name.I will need the 'old' role name in order to map it to a role Id, then I need the 'new' role Id in order to update the User Roles table. It just retrieves all of the records from a table called "tb Contacts". The problem seems to occur only when I use parameters and don't enter a value.The reason I don't want to enter any values is because I am using a dynamic query in my stored procedure that needs to sum up totals based on items selected from 3 dropdown lists.How do you bind the rest of your page in this case?You need to BIND your Grid View after Updating to reflect changes from the Database...is it giving you an error message or is it just coming up a blank screen?

The gridview would pass all of the old values to the update proc.If no dropdown lists are selected then I want to get a "grand-total".I then have a "Centers" dropdown list where if the user selects a particular center, then the parameter passed into the stored procedure is that Center's ID.Whenever a row is updated the datecolumn will then automatically be set to the current date. Using (getdate()) as the default value did not replaces the smalldatetime column with the current date on a bound Gridview update. What IS the exact method for handling "behind the scenes" updating of tables values.

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The 'Enable' button works just fine, but when I click the 'Disable' button nothing happens.