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She did her schooling from Saint john Vianney High School, but left school mid-way in favour of her acting career.

She went on to act in the television show Another World where she was cast for the role of Maggie Cory in the year 1995.

Was it the show or the character, specifically, that appealed to you?

O’KEEFE: Well, my best girlfriend, who’s my age, is a huge fan of the show, and she wanted me to watch it with her.

It used to basically be frowned upon if you were in your 40s and still single, but not getting married seems to be the new black.

Many celebrities get hitched way too young and then end up getting divorced before they're 30.

When I told her that I had an audition, she lost her mind and said, “You understand that you have to do whatever you can to get this job.” And then, my 13-year-old niece is one of the biggest The Vampire Diaries fans out there. ” When we first met Jo, there was some question as to whether she was good or bad, or what her motivations were.

The lothario dated model, Elizabeth Hurley for 13 years, from 1987-2000 but he didn't consider marrying her.

Since then, Hugh Grant’s not only dated a bevy of women, he’s also fathered three kids with two different woman.

After Another World, she was immediately cast for the role of Cassidy Bridges in the television show Nash Bridges in 1996.

She is popular for the role of Gretchen Morgan in the show Prison Break in the year 2007 and Mikayla in the show The Big Bang Theory in the year 2009.

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Some have kids with significant others, but don't feel compelled to make the union official.

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