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It has subsequently been published on their website and in many of their publications.

James Beck, declining the joint statement on behalf of the CBE Board of Directors, stated: "We do not feel it would be helpful to convene a joint press conference at ETS to issue a joint statement on abuse.

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Hunter said he knew the skeleton didn’t belong to a mammoth when he first got a glimpse of the discovery.According to Grudem, both sides overcame some misunderstandings about each other.One result of the meeting was an agreement to work on a joint statement on abuse in marriage, which was drafted by the CBMW with feedback from the CBE.Rather, Biblical teaching should remain the authority for testing our subjective discernment of God’s will. With half the world’s population outside the reach of indigenous evangelism; with countless other lost people in those societies that have heard the gospel; with the stresses and miseries of sickness, malnutrition, homelessness, illiteracy, ignorance, aging, addiction, crime, incarceration, neuroses, and loneliness, no man or woman who feels a passion from God to make His grace known in word and deed need ever live without a fulfilling ministry for the glory of Christ and the good of this fallen world (1 Cor 12:7-21). We are convinced that a denial or neglect of these principles will lead to increasingly destructive consequences in our families, our churches, and the culture at large.The Danvers Statement is included in readers such as Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism: A Documentary Reader (NYU Press, 2008) and Eve and Adam: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim readings on Genesis and gender (Indiana University Press, 2009).

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The Danvers Statement recognised the "genuine evangelical standing of many who do not agree with all of our convictions." In 1994, at the request of Christians for Biblical Equality (a leading Christian egalitarian organization), three leaders of CBMW (then-President Dr.