Buy dating site web

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Buy dating site web

According to insiders, that is the problem, even the big projects have faced to.With the high capitalization achieved, cash flow is zero.All the prices will be nominated in two currencies: 1-fiat currency (EUR, USD, etc) 2-DTC tokens.The latter are Ethereum-based tokens with fluctuating market price When you activate the feature bought for DTC, all the tokens spent are burnt via smart contract.At some point, regardless the funds raised and allocated, it will be over.As a result, there is no way to further invest in product support and development.Nikita Anufriev, Date Coin CEO and Alexey Sinitsin, co-founder, took part in “Bit! During his speech Nikita Anufriev has noted that while other tokens strive for the moon, Date Coin aims to Mars.Our team is exclusively advised by four experienced and professional consultants from Korea, including Ik Song, Professor of the Korean University, Jay Lee, Executive Vice-Chairman of the Korean Marketing Association, Seoul Lee, Vice-President of the Korean Marketing Agency ATARAD, and Kent Kim, founder of the cryptocurrency communities Amble and Dragon Forum.

To sum up, for the project to be successful it needs cash flow and Date Coin has one.

Other resources it will be backed by include new users (to be attracted according to expansion plan) and side investors.

We plan to attract up to 20M active users in 4 years.

Minimize On May 10, 2018 Oleg Gervalov, Date Coin PR Director and Ik Song, Date Coin advisor, spoke at the meet up organized by the project Esc Lock, aimed to provide financial guarantees to investors.

During the event, Oleg Gervalov announced a new data service under the auspices of Date Coin coming soon to Korean market.

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The founders aim to employ cutting-edge technologies for intelligent dating with your soulmate or at least with the person with the similar interests.

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