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Do not–absolutely do not–date a married woman (and some may try to approach you). Saudi Arabia has one of the highest worldwide ratios of twitter and facebook users when compared to population.A lot of this is attributed to the strict social life, so you’ll find many people meet online.The important thing here is how you look (your clothes), eye contact, and the lead away from open public areas.Be discrete and save your questions for the coming phone conversation.

You will often see the picture of some flower or artsy pic instead on her profile.Yes, it is quite unnerving moving to one of the most conservative countries in the world.Yes, it is a little odd being arrested for just walking next to someone of the opposite sex.An expat living in Saudi Arabia should immediately register with their embassy and ask for a list of events.All embassies usually throw parties at least once a month.

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First of all, you are not legally allowed to just walk up and talk to a girl. Follow the group or, if they are following you, make sure you occasionally make eye contact to signal interest, and then go somewhere discrete, like a unisex store. Saudi girls may initially be shy, but many won’t hesitate making the first move (kind of a paradox there) and hand you their phone number.

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